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Just bought a Seagate GoAgent Flex 3TB USB 3.0 external hard drive

Bought this drive at Costco for $119.99 (after instant $20 rebate). If you have USB 3.0 ports on your computer and need storage space, this drive rocks! Way faster than USB 2.0 drives – up to 10x faster. Great drive for backups, storing movies, and other data. I’m using it for storing my graphic files. Over the years I have accumulated close to 2TBs of stock photos, and other graphics. Now I can store them all in one place so when looking for that perfect image for a design project, I don’t have to jump around multiple drives or insert DVDs. Did I say it was fast? It is FAST! This is my first USB 3 external drive. I have 5 USB 2 external drives (for back up storage mainly). I am really impressed with the speed. Did a speed check – downloaded a free speed check program. Avg. read

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The House trying to pull a fast one on Insider Trading Bill

One of the few good bills that got passed in April – with bipartisan support has a major flaw. For some reason, Eric Cantor and his Republican flock decided to “unintentionally” move the requirements that the bill also apply to spouse and children, to another section. This “unintentional” move legally excludes spouses and children of Congressional members from having to report insider trades they make. fast payout loans The purpose of this bill was to prevent members of Congress and their family and staff from purchasing stock based on inside information – such as upcoming legislation that may affect stock prices of certain companies. Up until now, members of Congress could sit on a committee and make decisions that will affect a company or industry, and rush out and buy or sell that stock before the actual bill gets passed or denied – knowing in advance how it would be

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JP Morgan $2 Billion Loss – $23 Million Pay Day

Goes to show you, some things never change. When the “too big to fail” institutions decide to gamble with stockholder and consumer money in hopes of hitting it big, they can end up losing it all. JP Morgan’s insurance bets just lost that company $2 billion. JP Morgan’s CEO just received a $23 million paycheck voted by shareholders. And the 99%’ers are left scratching their heads saying, “what’s wrong with this picture?”. I’m not against huge pay for those at the top… but my definition of “huge” is obviously different from that of the 1%’ers. Based on a 60hr work week, 52 weeks/yr… that is just over $7,000/hr… or $120 per minute. I know those that support these massive pay scales say it is not an hourly rate as much as a performance pay — if they are making the company money, they should be compensated. Just like an actor

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Paranormal Activity 3 – Movie Review

Rating: 5-/10 Not very good. The first Paranormal Activity was good because it was new and fresh… and actually creepy/scary. By #3 you pretty much know what is going to happen… so you end up sitting through long stretches of “normal” activity waiting for the “paranormal” activity. Yes, I jumped a few times… yes, I had the lights turned off and watched it in a dark room so it was a little creepy… enough to earn it a 5-. If you liked the first one in the series, you won’t be blown away by this one, but may enjoy it a little. money online quick My wife rated it a 0/10. She did not care for it at all and said she felt she wasted 1.5 hrs of her life watching it. Not a ringing endorsement. I say skip this one. If you are like me and just wanted to

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The Way – Movie Review

Rating: 6/10 A different movie. Martin Sheen finishes a soul searching trek in France & Spain that his son started but died on his first day out. The movie is supposed to be a soul searching journey of life. Written and directed by Emilio Estavez – Sheen’s real son (Charlie Sheen’s brother). I have to say upfront that I am not a huge fan of Martin Sheen. He is a good actor, but at times over acts (in my opinion). I have trouble getting connected with him… and in this movie you need to get connected to appreciate it. I personally did not find any answers to life or any profound self discoveries. Scenery was nice, but watching a group of dysfunctional people walk 560 miles through the country side (El camino de Santiago) did not make for a great film just an OK film. I will say, it held my attention

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Keurig B130 K-cup Coffee Brewer $60 Free Shipping – Deal

This is a great deal if you are in the market for a Keurig single cup coffee maker! I have the B170 model (Costco $149) and started with the B31 model (Walmart $99)… So for $60 this is a really good deal – even comes with an 18 cup box of coffee pods. Let me warn you, K-cups can get addictive! There are so many varieties available – regular & decaf – from mild to extra bold, flavored, cocoa, tea… you name it. On average the cups cost about $.60 ea.. so not cheap if you drink a lot of coffee. But for that morning cup, or evening cup of decaf, you will love your Keurig. I like really strong coffee, my wife likes medium strong… now we both have what we want! To save money, you can purchase the Keurig K-cup adaptor or a 3rd party adaptor on Amazon

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AcuRite 8″ Outdoor/Indoor Thermometer $8.95 Free Shipping

Need an outdoor thermometer? This may be a deal for you. Meritline has the AcuRite 8″ round thermometer for $8.98 (after coupon code MLC424UN ) and free shipping. Best deal I could find. I just bought one – the one we have has weird numbering so it is hard to guess what the temp really is. A digital thermometer would be nice, but hey, for $9 I splurged for this one. I’ve shopped at Meritline many times before. They often have really good deals… especially on small gadgets. Much of their stuff is shipped from China, so if you are anti-buying anything from China, may want to pass on Meritline. I don’t know how they ship some things so cheap. I bought some hard drive SATA cables – 3 pack 18″ – for $1.89 free shipping… cables work fine… but how did they ship all the way from China to my

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EZ Grill Portable Disposable Instant Charcoal Grill: 10-Pack (shipped free)

$30 – EZ Grill Portable Disposable Instant Charcoal Grill: that is $3/grill. These are disposable grills about the size of a cookie sheet. Great for camping, & emergencies. Amazon sells them for $5.50 ea. w/free prime shipping… so this 10 pack is a good deal. This is a one day only deal or when sold out. So if interested buy now. FYI: I don’t make any money on sharing these deals… just spreading the word. income neighborhoods Go here for the deal:

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Iron Lady – Movie Review

Rating: 7+/10 Worth watching if you are a Meryl Streep fan. Excellent acting and make-up. Streep earned the Oscar for Best Actress in this movie portraying England’s Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. I learned a lot of history of England and its politics watching this movie. Good story telling, but at times disjointed as it had a lot of flashbacks. I’m not a fan of telling a story through flashbacks… I’m more of a start at the beginning and work up to the end. Don’t start with the end and then go back to the beginning. The story was good but not overly compelling – that is why this movie doesn’t rate an 8. Streep and cast made this movie. The make-up artists made this movie. I recommend watching it. Not as good as The King’s Speech, but still a well done movie. My wife gave it an 8/10. She enjoyed

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