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Eliminate Pool Algae with Chlorine-Free Sun Shock Pool Ionizer – Review

UPDATE 6/21/17: Pool is crystal blue, no algae. I may up rating back to 5 stars. Once I got my pool chemicals in line – 1.4 chlorine, 7.4 Ph, 120 total alkalinity, and brushed the sides every 2 weeks, and run pump 4.5 hrs/day, I haven’t had any algae. I just ordered 2 new copper cores from Costco ($60 ship free). I still have copper left on the original, but will probably replace it anyway to start a fresh season. Crossing fingers all stays algae-free. If no problems, I will rate 5-stars. I may cut chlorine to 1.0 to see what happens. UPDATE 5/22/2017: I dropped one star from the review rating (from 5 stars to 4 stars). Coming off of Winter into a warmer Spring I have noticed small amounts algae in the pool. I found I let my chlorine level drop to zero. I cleaned my diatomaceous earth

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The Vet from Hell – Family Animal Hospital Costa Mesa, CA

WORST EXPERIENCE WITH A VETERINARIAN I have to Rant for a minute. I realize this is not a product review and is a local Southern CA business. But this site is called Bob’s Rants and Raves, so here is my rant… First the Pros: Low-cost spay, neuter, shots, office visit Dr. Bellinger was very good (more later) Now the Cons: No appointments – walk-in only One – two hour wait times Dr. Jaramillo – no longer has empathy, too quick to diagnose (more later)   THE GOOD VET Dr. Bellinger examined our 6 yr. old, 112lb Doberman that was experiencing some pain when lying down for a while. Our assumption was an onset of arthritis following TPLO leg surgery 1 ½ yrs ago. Dr. Bellinger asked all the right questions, got on her knees and did a thorough physical exam of Brody. She recommended X-rays on both back legs and back

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Copper Chef Pan Review – First Impressions

  UPDATE 9/4/2016: As pointed out in user comments below, the Copper Chef Square Pan is copper-colored aluminum. I don’t know if the ceramic coating on the inside will prevent any harmful affects of the aluminum. Just wanted to point this out. Tristar does claim “100% Safe: PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS-Free.” UPDATE 7/22/2016 – upped rating from 3 to 4 stars I am liking this pan more and more. My wife loves it and more often than not grabs it for whatever she is cooking for dinner. Very easy clean-up. I made popcorn in it last night to test it out – to see if it popped the corn like in the commercial with no butter or oil. It worked! I preheated the pan on the burner on med-high for about 30 seconds, put 1/3rd cup of popcorn kernels in the pan (1/3rd cup only made enough for one person

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Best Portable Heater Reviews – Lasko 754200, Optimus H-6003, Bionaire BCH9214RE

Best Portable Space Heater Reviews This is a quick review of 3 small space heaters: Lasko model 754200, Optimus model H-6003, and the Bionaire BCH9214RE. In my quest for the best small heater, I chose these three portable heaters because after researching small heaters they all looked promising. I ended up buying all three. I am returning one of them. Find out which is the best heater…. My Story I wanted an affordable small portable heater to heat my home office. I also wanted one to heat my dog’s cage (where he sleeps at night in our bedroom), and I wanted a small heater I could easily move room to room as needed to heat a small area of that room. I was not looking to heat entire rooms (except maybe a bathroom). Small portable space heater reviews   The Best Small Heater Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

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TING Cell Phone Service Review – Affordable Cell Phone Plans

TING – $15 Monthly Cell Phone Service Only $15/month! TING is an affordable cell phone service for low use cell phone users. Service includes 100 minutes talk, 100 texts, 100 MB data – all for only $15 a month. This is a great plan for low use smartphone users, like me. If you talk less than 100 minutes and rarely use the internet outside your home’s wifi area, this is the plan for you. Even for higher use cell plan users, TING can save you money! Plus… get $25 just for signing up using my link. See below. UPDATE 10/16/2016: I still LOVE using TING! My monthly bill, including tax and fees is only $16.95. That’s it! Reception is excellent, voice quality is excellent, and viewing emails and surfing the web is fast. Here is my story I went swimming with my cell phone in my bathing suit pocket. Needless to say,

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Samsung 75″ Smart LED TV (UN75H6350) Review

The Samsung 75″ Smart TV Review – models UN75H6300, UN75H6350, UN75J6300 UPDATE 12/24/2015: I still love my UN75H6300 75″ Samsung. But now is the time to move on to the UN75J6300 models. The “H” models are hard to find and are older models. The UN75J6300 gets great reviews from multiple sources. Check for best price on Amazon here. The Samsung 75 inch Smart LED TV – model UN75H6300 or UN75H6350 (both are same TV). The newer model UN75J6300 recently came out to replace the UN75H6300 model. If you compare the specs of both models, you will see they are essentially unchanged in the newer model. PICTURE QUALITY The picture quality is the number one reason to buy this TV. I am sure Visio, LG, Sharp, Sony and the others have good picture quality. But I challenge any of them to top the Samsung UN75H6350 75″ TV. Samsung has been a leader in large screen TVs

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Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Dog Food Review

Stella & Chewy Freeze Dried Dog Food Treat I love this food. Or more accurately, my dog loves Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried food. I call it a treat rather than food because I have a 105 lb Doberman and this “food” is not cheap! For a small dog, it may be a little more feasible to feed as a meal, but even then, it will be a pricey dog meal. But, as a healthy treat, Stella & Chewy’s is great. I knocked off 1/2 star (4.5) because of the price – otherwise this is a 5 star product. Stella & Chewy’s bag size Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried dog food comes in 2 sizes – 5.5 oz and 15 oz. It used to come in 6 oz and 16 oz. but I guess instead of raising the price they reduced the package size. The package size stayed the same…

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Keurig 2.0 & Keurig 2.0 Hack

Keurig 2.0 Reviews k550 & k560 – Pros & Cons I just purchased the Keurig 2.0 Model k560 (which is same as Model k550) at Costco for $129 ($149 – $20 special). The 560 included 48 Keurig K-cups, 4 Carafe size K-cups, and a 4 cup Carafe. Reviews have been poor but Costco has a great return policy so I thought I would take a chance. I’ve had the Keurig B31 (B30) Mini brewer for over a year now and love the convenience. We use our Cuisinart to brew a pot of coffee in the morning and the Keurig for the occasional cup during the day. I work from home and wanted a single cup coffee brewer in my office. The Keurig B31 (read my review here) doesn’t have a water reserve so the new Keurig 2.0 560 looked great, sporting an 80 oz. water reserve. Here’s where it gets interesting

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Pocket Hose Review | Flex-Able Hose | UPDATED

The Pocket Hose or X-Hose  As Seen on TV, are flexi hoses that have gotten a lot of press – good and bad. So here is my Pocket Hose Review. UPDATED 6/13/15 – I guess my wife doesn’t read Bob’s Rants & Raves. While I was out of town 2 weeks ago, she bought the new & improved Pocket Hose Top Brass. It is the black one currently being advertised as being stronger and better. We’ll see how this one does. It was $29! I asked her why she bought it since we have had 6 fail on us so far? She said she really likes the pocket hose (when it works) because it is light weight and doesn’t kink, and it fits in a decorative clay pot by our front door. We will treat this one with kid gloves. No washing cars – unless we turn the water source

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