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Pocket Hose Review | Flex-Able Hose | UPDATED

The Pocket Hose or X-Hose  As Seen on TV, are flexi hoses that have gotten a lot of press – good and bad. So here is my Pocket Hose Review. UPDATED 6/13/15 – I guess my wife doesn’t read Bob’s Rants & Raves. While I was out of town 2 weeks ago, she bought the new & improved Pocket Hose Top Brass. It is the black one currently being advertised as being stronger and better. We’ll see how this one does. It was $29! I asked her why she bought it since we have had 6 fail on us so far? She said she really likes the pocket hose (when it works) because it is light weight and doesn’t kink, and it fits in a decorative clay pot by our front door. We will treat this one with kid gloves. No washing cars – unless we turn the water source

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Twist and Shout Mop Review

Twist and Shout Mop – The Best Spin Mop UPDATE 6/13/2015 – Quick update – my wife still loves the Twist and Shout Mop. Since my original review, there have been a few improvements to Twist and Shout Mop. NEW & IMPROVED 2015 model features: anti-splash guard, 2X stronger and 6″ longer handle (54″ vs 48″; no longer needs separate extension). Best Quality Spin Mop backed by Best Warranty of 2-Years. 30-day free returns if defective. ORIGINAL REVIEW I recently purchased the Twist and Shout Mop  for my wife. The Twist and Shout Mop is the best spin mop. I researched and read tons of reviews on Amazon and other sites on Twist and Shout Mop, Hurricane Mop, Spin & Go Pro mop, and several other spin mop reviews. Most all do the same thing, offer a unique way to wring the water from the mop. Basically, it is like a salad spinner.

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I have to Rant about for just a minute. I wanted a shower arm extender for my shower. My old one was leaking and in poor shape. I went to local hardware stores (Home Depot, ACE, Lowes) and could only find a 9″ extender… I wanted a longer one. I searched online and found one on See screenshot below taken 2/2/14. Notice the description says Delta Faucet Delta 12″ Adjustable Shower Arm. Just what I wanted. It also says “10 In-Stock”. I ordered it. It took nearly 3 weeks to arrive. Another part I ordered arrived in about 7 days. Makes me wonder if it was really in stock. Finally, it arrived. To my disappointment, the arm was only a 9″ extension… same as I found at Home Depot and Ace Hardware. This is NOT what I wanted or what description said it was. I went back online to

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Ooma vs Vonage Review

I’ve had the Ooma Telo Phone Service since March 2013. Prior to switching to Ooma, I had Vonage internet phone service for about 5 years. I loved Vonage and had a regular line and a dedicated fax line for about $40/month. I work from home and use the phone and fax for business. The main complaint I had with Vonage was the fees kept increasing. I started at about $34/mo. for both phone and fax and slowly they kept increasing the fees – those little taxes and fees tacked to your bill. By March 2013 those fees grew to $17/mo. I hate companies that advertise low prices then tack on high fees. Or internet companies that advertise low prices to get you to their page only to find out when checking out that the shipping and handling fees are more than double anyone else. Cost of Ooma vs Vonage As

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Best Dog Collar Light Review | Nite Ize Spotlit Light

Best Dog Collar Clip-On Light Nite Ize Spotlit clip-on dog collar light is the best dog collar light you can buy. I have the white light. I wasn’t interested in colored lights. The white light is very bright and visible for at least a couple football fields or further. The Nite Ize dog collar light can be set to blink or not blink. I do not like blinking lights on my dog, so always set it to not blink. You can hold the on/off button on the back down for a few seconds to switch between blinking or not blinking. So what is so special about this dog collar light? I’ve tried several lights over the years, some good, some not so good. Then I found the Nite Ize Spotlit clip on dog collar light. It is VERY bright The clip is very strong – Secure stainless steel carabiner The on/off

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Amazon Prime Review | Free Shipping | Free Movies

Is Amazon Prime worth the price? Here is my review of Amazon Prime. Get FREE shipping at Amazon for 30 days. Also access to thousands of Free movies and many Free Kindle books. Sign up for 30 day FREE trial of Amazon Prime using the link below: Click HERE or image below: My Review of Amazon Prime Free Shipping OK… the nitty gritty. Is Amazon Prime worth the $79 after the 30 day free trial? I can only answer for me. It took me a couple years before shelling out the $79 – now, for me in CA it is $85 with tax (CA taxes everything!). I took a look at how often I ordered from Amazon, how much was I paying for shipping, was it $80 a year? Answer was no… that is why I kept putting it off. Free Movies & TV Shows for Amazon Prime Members There

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Keurig B31 Mini Coffee Maker Review

NOTICE: Keurig Recall (12/23/2014) – Keurig is recalling 6.6 million of its popular coffee makers after receiving “90 reports of burn-related injuries.” “Hot liquid could escape from certain MINI Plus Brewing System units during use,” the company said Tuesday. That is more likely “if the brewer is used to brew more than two cups in quick succession.”  Visit Keurig website for more information. It appears that if your Keurig B31 does not have a model # starting with K10 you are OK. The coffee makers are stamped with the model number K10 and were made between December 2009 and July 2014. They may have been purchased at a Kmart, Kohl’s, Target or Walmart , or directly from Keurig Green Mountain. _________________ My Review of the Keurig B31 The Keurig B31 Mini Coffee Maker is the baby of the Keurig line. Its bigger brothers, the Keurig B70, Keurig B40, Keurig B75, etc. all

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Streamlight Nano Light – Review

The Nano Light by Streamlight is the best little LED flashlight you can buy. I’m a flashlight addict, I’ll admit that. But out of all the flashlights I own, this little Nano Light is my favorite. It is under $10, only 1.25″ long, lightweight, and man is it POWERFUL!  I put powerful in caps because I can not emphasize enough how bright this little, tiny light is. I’ve had mine for over a year now and the light is still going strong. If you are even thinking about whether to buy this little keychain flashlight or not… stop thinking… buy it today! Here are some specs: Case material is machined aircraft aluminum with anodized finish Parabolic shaped LED area optimizes beam performance 5mm white LED, impervious to shock with a 100,000 hour lifetime Up to 8 hours declining usable output 1.47-Inches length (I measured mine and it is only 1.25″

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SOG Flash 1 Knife Review

The SOG Flash 1 knife is one of my favorite knives. My other favorite is my Kershaw Skyline Knife (read review here). The SOG Flash 1 is smaller than the Kershaw Skyline so is easier to carry in more situations. It is my main EDC knife (everyday carry). The clip sits slightly higher than the knife so when you clip it to your pocket (I normally carry in my front right pants pocket) the SOG knife sits below the pocket line. This makes the Flash 1 virtually invisible. So whether wearing dress slacks, jeans, or shorts no one can tell you are carrying a knife. Very discreet and won’t freak anyone out. Here is my SOG Flash 1 review: OK… about the knife. SOG has a pretty good reputation for quality. The Flash 1 is a quality little knife. Here are specs: Fast one-hand opening SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) with built

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