The ultra conservatives reached a new low when Rush Limbaugh called Sarah Fluke a slut having too much sex when she testified that she uses contraceptives at the congressional hearing. At the same time, when did birth control become a government issue? Insurance companies can discuss whether they want to cover contraceptives or not and how much they want to pay… but the Federal Government?? Why would the Obama administration feel compelled to get involved with this issue and mandate that insurance companies have to cover contraceptives? I’m all for contraceptives. Heck, I’m all for insurance companies helping cover the cost. I think pharmaceutical companies should lower the cost. But talk about government getting involved in our personal life… bad decision all the way around.

Leave it to our elected officials to make a mountain out of a molehill. What’s up with a 5 “man” panel to discuss female contraception? Last I checked, it was 2012… and we are in the US – not China. Hey guys, get back to work and run this country and earn your pay!

As for contraceptives, let’s leave that to private insurance companies and those that use them.

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