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  • Amazon Prime Review | Free Shipping | Free Movies (0)

    Is Amazon Prime worth the price? Here is my review of Amazon Prime.

    Get FREE shipping at Amazon for 30 days. Also access to thousands of Free movies and many Free Kindle books. Sign up for 30 day FREE trial of Amazon Prime using the link below:

    Click HERE or image below:

    My Review of Amazon Prime Free Shipping

    OK… the nitty gritty. Is Amazon Prime worth the $79 after the 30 day free trial?

    I can only answer for me. It took me a couple years before shelling out the $79 – now, for me in CA it is $85 with tax (CA taxes everything!). I took a look at how often I ordered from Amazon, how much was I paying for shipping, was it $80 a year? Answer was no… that is why I kept putting it off.

    Free Movies & TV Shows for Amazon Prime Members

    There are thousands of free movies and TV shows available to Amazon Prime members. The other day I went to Amazon to check out the movies and shows available for free for prime members and was impressed with the selection. You won’t find new releases, but there are enough older selections to keep you busy for a long time. I selected a movie to see how well it streamed to my computer. I have a fast connection so your mileage may vary… I streamed an HD movie with no hiccups, no spinning wheels while waiting for movie to catch up. I watched it full screen and was very impressed with quality and delivery.

    Free Books for Amazon Prime Members

    I have downloaded a couple Kindle books from the free library – there are tons of books that you can “borrow,” read, then download another… free for Prime members. I am sure you can find something. With Amazon Prime costing less than $9/month, just one book or a couple movies a month makes it worthwhile… not to mention Amazon Free Shipping!

    Back to FREE Shipping. A couple years ago I bit the bullet and signed up. It changed the way I shopped. I don’t know if I save $85 in shipping a year, but it makes online shopping a heck of a lot easier. I HATE to pay shipping. I hate it more when I go to a site that advertised a low price on a product just to find out shipping was way inflated.

    Amazon Prime Shipping isn’t always “free” shipping. It is, but the price of the product is often a few dollars higher than stores where you pay shipping. But still… the price is usually pretty darn good. When I search for a product, I click on the Prime filter on the left sidebar – to just show Free Prime Shipping products. Since getting Amazon Prime, I do most of my shopping online at Amazon. So, I should probably figure in my gas savings, too.

    Best part…

    The great deal is when you sign up for Amazon Prime, everyone in your family is eligible under your Prime account. It’s just my wife and me… so I added her to my Amazon Prime account. She gets free shipping same as me… at no extra cost. Her purchases ship free. She can get deals on Kindle books. At Christmas that really pays off! She does most of the shopping. Now she does it online through Amazon. Plus, your kids can watch their free movies in their room, you can watch your free movie in your room all at the same time.

    2 Day Priority Shipping

    Another perk of Amazon Prime Shipping is how fast most things arrive. I’ve ordered on Monday and gotten stuff on Tuesday. Most of the time when the item is shipped from Amazon (it tells you on their site under the product description who the seller is and who is shipping), I get my stuff within 2-3 days.


    If you are reading this you probably have shopped at Amazon. I’ve only had to return a few things over the years. Amazon makes it very simple. They will send you a return label – first you go online and in your member area (links on top right) find Returns and fill out the form. The times I returned things – a DVD player, clothes, headphones, it was free return – no questions asked.

    Should you get the FREE 30 Day Amazon Prime Trial?

    Yes! Why not. Nothing to lose. If you sign up using my links I make a couple dollars from Amazon as an Amazon affiliate. But… I am not recommending you sign up for the trial so I can make a couple bucks — well maybe I am — but I honestly feel it is something to try out – for free. Whether you sign up after the 30 days is up to you. For me, I have enjoyed the perks of being an Amazon Prime member. It makes shopping online a no brainer for me and my wife. Between the two of us we may save the $85 (incl. tax) in shipping, if not we come close, and the freedom of not paying shipping on every order is worth every penny.

    If I want to buy my dog a new leash… I go to Amazon, find a leash I like, and buy it. Free Shipping. If I need some CR32 little round batteries, I go online, buy a card of 10 for a couple dollars – free shipping. I recently purchased some bluetooth wireless headphones to use at my computer – $25 – free shipping.

    Here is the link again for Amazon Prime Free 30 Day Trial to get Free Shipping, Free Movies to watch, Free Kindle books to borrow:

    Click HERE for your free trial.


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  • Tech Deals of the Day Thursday 6/6/13 (0)

    Below are some tech deals you may be interested in today. I buy a lot of my tech products from TigerDirect and Newegg. TigerDirect has an advantage with me in that they are not located in CA, therefore (for now) I don’t have to pay sales tax. TigerDirect and Newegg always ship fast, are great on returns and customer service.

    See if any of these tech bargains appeal to you.

    Dad Deserves the Best Tech! 100 Deals Up To 100 Dollars for Dad!







    TigerDirect Overstock Blowout: Save hundreds on Laptops, TVs, Video Cards, CPUs and More!


    Customer Choice Awards! The Top 100 Products based on YOUR ratings!


    Some FREE SHIPPING hard drive deals

    Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB HDD – $79.99 After $10 Coupon Code LAI92530 + Free Shipping! This is a good price with the free shipping. It is easy to install an internal hard drive – if you have never done it before, there are several YouTube videos to show you how. It is very easy, even for a novice. 🙂  I would recommend 1TB as the minimum size for any HD updates. Hard drive prices are coming down and file sizes are going up – especially with today’s high pixel count cameras and the increase in HD video capabilities.


    Western Digital Elements 3TB External HDD – $109.99 After $10 Coupon Code YAC92527 + Free Shipping! – Note that this is USB2 drive. Still a good price, but I prefer USB3 drives if you have USB3 inputs on your computer. USB3 is about 10x faster than USB2. If you are just using the drive as a data storage or backup drive it probably doesn’t really matter since you won’t be accessing the external hard drive that often.


    This is a good deal… grab it while you can….

    Western Digital Red 2TB HDD – $99.99 After $20 Coupon Code IBA92479 + Free Shipping! – this is a fast SATA 3 drive. Low energy, quiet. This would be my pick out of these 3 drives. Plenty of storage space for all your pictures and videos. Fast drive which will be good if you do any video editing. Easy to install.
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  • Just bought a Seagate GoAgent Flex 3TB USB 3.0 external hard drive (0)

    Bought this drive at Costco for $119.99 (after instant $20 rebate). If you have USB 3.0 ports on your computer and need storage space, this drive rocks! Way faster than USB 2.0 drives – up to 10x faster. Great drive for backups, storing movies, and other data. I’m using it for storing my graphic files. Over the years I have accumulated close to 2TBs of stock photos, and other graphics. Now I can store them all in one place so when looking for that perfect image for a design project, I don’t have to jump around multiple drives or insert DVDs.

    Did I say it was fast? It is FAST! This is my first USB 3 external drive. I have 5 USB 2 external drives (for back up storage mainly). I am really impressed with the speed. Did a speed check – downloaded a free speed check program. Avg. read speed was 108 MB/sec. … my USB 2 drive had avg. read speed of 31 MB/sec. – BIG difference! Moving large graphic files from drive to Photoshop is instantaneous.

    The Seagate GoAgent Flex 3TB USB 3.0 external hard drive runs very quiet, stays cool, and turns off and on with the computer. I have a couple older drives that don’t turn off when I turn the computer off. They go to sleep, but not off. I’ve only had this a few days… but I highly recommend this drive if you need more storage space. and other places also sell this drive but Costco has the best price. Normally on computer stuff, Costco has good prices but not the best prices. This happens to be a really good price with the instant discount at checkout.

    If you do not have USB 3.0 ports (older computer) you can purchase a plugin card for about $30 that will give you 2-4 external ports.

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  • Keurig B130 K-cup Coffee Brewer $60 Free Shipping – Deal (0)

    This is a great deal if you are in the market for a Keurig single cup coffee maker! I have the B170 model (Costco $149) and started with the B31 model (Walmart $99)… So for $60 this is a really good deal – even comes with an 18 cup box of coffee pods. Let me warn you, K-cups can get addictive! There are so many varieties available – regular & decaf – from mild to extra bold, flavored, cocoa, tea… you name it. On average the cups cost about $.60 ea.. so not cheap if you drink a lot of coffee. But for that morning cup, or evening cup of decaf, you will love your Keurig. I like really strong coffee, my wife likes medium strong… now we both have what we want! To save money, you can purchase the Keurig K-cup adaptor or a 3rd party adaptor on Amazon for $9 – $17, and fill it with your own coffee. Down side to the B130 – it only brews one size – 8oz. This model if found in many hotel rooms. But for $60 + free shipping + 18 k-cups of Green Mountain Extra Bold, it is a pretty good deal. Look at deal on bottom for the B145 Keurig ($79) – has water reservoir and 3 brewing sizes.

    Here is the deal found on : [EXPIRED]

    Keurig B130 In-Home K-Cup Brewer, K-Cups 18-Pack for $60 + free shipping

    Office Depot offers the Keurig B130 In-Home Hotel K-Cup Brewing System(pictured), bundled with the Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic Extra Bold Coffee K-Cups 18-Pack for $79.98. (Add both items to your cart to see this price.) Coupon code “46841416” drops it to $59.98. With free shipping, that’s tied with our March mention of the coffee brewer alone and $19 below the lowest total price we could find for these items purchased separately elsewhere. Sales tax is added where applicable. The B130 purports to brew an 8-oz. cup in three minutes. It also features a mug sensor, auto off, and more.

    Click on link above to go to the deal. Don’t forget to add the coupon code  “46841416” to save $20. I don’t make any money on these deals… just passing on the good ones. Deals don’t last long… sometimes just hours, so act fast if it is something you want.

    If you want a larger Keurig that has 3 cup sizes look at this deal: [EXPIRED] Office Depot offers the Keurig OfficePro B145 Coffee Brewer, model no. 00145, for $99.99. Coupon code “46841416” drops it to $79.99. With free shipping. ($135 at Amazon)

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  • AcuRite 8″ Outdoor/Indoor Thermometer $8.95 Free Shipping (0)

    Need an outdoor thermometer? This may be a deal for you. Meritline has the AcuRite 8″ round thermometer for $8.98 (after coupon code MLC424UN ) and free shipping. Best deal I could find. I just bought one – the one we have has weird numbering so it is hard to guess what the temp really is. A digital thermometer would be nice, but hey, for $9 I splurged for this one.

    I’ve shopped at Meritline many times before. They often have really good deals… especially on small gadgets. Much of their stuff is shipped from China, so if you are anti-buying anything from China, may want to pass on Meritline. I don’t know how they ship some things so cheap. I bought some hard drive SATA cables – 3 pack 18″ – for $1.89 free shipping… cables work fine… but how did they ship all the way from China to my door for $1.89 free shipping product? Go figure.

    Anyway… since I just bought this, thought I would share in case you may need an outdoor thermometer. These deals don’t last long.

    Click this link to go to the website: Meritline

    [I don’t make anything from sharing these deals]

    UPDATE: Not very happy with this purchase. Smaller than I imagined and accuracy questionable. Can not recommend this product.

    Try one of these:

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  • EZ Grill Portable Disposable Instant Charcoal Grill: 10-Pack (shipped free) (0)

    EZ Disposable Grill$30 – EZ Grill Portable Disposable Instant Charcoal Grill: that is $3/grill. These are disposable grills about the size of a cookie sheet. Great for camping, & emergencies. Amazon sells them for $5.50 ea. w/free prime shipping… so this 10 pack is a good deal. This is a one day only deal or when sold out. So if interested buy now. FYI: I don’t make any money on sharing these deals… just spreading the word.

    Go here for the deal:

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  • The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron $14 – the Ultimate Grilling Apron (0)

    The Ultimate Grilling ApronHad to share this. The ultimate man’s grilling apron. Yugster has it for $14 plus $5 shipping. Great gift for the guy that has it all. Apron holds 6 cans or bottles, has built in can opener, pockets galore to hold BBQ sauce, water spray bottle, or whatever. One size fits all. When I saw this product, I had to laugh… I can’t imagine wearing this apron, but at same time I thought, pretty clever… and for under $20, a great gift – whether as a gag gift or for real! Click on link below to go to Yugster website to order. I’ve purchased from Yugster before and it is a legit site. Even returned an item without hassel.

    Click here to go to Yugster site. Deal is for today only.

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  • FREE – Rapid S30 Press Less Super Flatclinch Desktop Stapler – DEAL (0)

    Almost FREE. Shipping is $5. If you need a stapler, this may be a deal for you. Even with $5 shipping, hard to beat this price. My stapler has been sticking and wasting as many staples as it gets right… so this may be the ticket for frugle me! Found this on deal site. As with most good deals, they only last a short time, sometimes only hours. So if you need a new stapler, jump on this deal. Details below – taken from LocoBuy site:

    Rapid S30 Press Less Stapler

      Why use more power than you need? This incredible stapler combines Press LessTM, the innovative power reduction technology, and the patented SuperFlatClinchTM technology for a noiseless and effortless stapling experience. SuperFlatClinchTM system reduces paper stacks by 40%. All metal construction with full rubber base. 3 3/8″ throat depth. Top loads a full strip of 1/4″ standard staples. Stapler Type: Flat-Clinch Full-Strip Desktop; Staple Capacity: Full Strip; Size of Staple Used: 1/4 in; Type of Staple Used: Standard.

    • Features Press LessTM, the innovative power reduction technology./li>
    • Patented SuperFlatClinchTM system reduces paper stacks by 40 percent.
    • All metal construction with full rubber base.
    • Top loads a full strip of 1/4″ standard staples.
    • 3 3/8″ throat depth.
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  • $16 Keurig K-Cup 48-pk. Green Mountain Coffee Holiday Coffee Collection – DEAL (1)

    Keurig Holiday Coffee Collection for Keurig Brewers, 48-Count Box, K-Cups$16 for 48 K-cups at Kohls. $1 shipping. I recently received a Keurig single serve coffee maker as a gift (thanks, Al & Bev!) and am now hooked. I’m on the lookout for good deals on these little single serve cups. Costco has the best deal – 80 cups for $35 or so – but limited selection. This Kohl’s deal looks pretty good. I’m not sure I’ll like all the flavors… I’m more of a bold, black coffee drinker…  but it may be nice to have some selections when friends visit. Although these are holiday (winter) variety pack, according to most reviewers, they are tasty any time of the year. Here is the deal taken from one of my favorite deal sites, Deal ends 4/7. (I checked Amazon and their price is $28)

    48 Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Collection K-Cups

    sale $19.99

    regular $39.99
    w/code $15.99 + .99 shipping

    Kohl’s offers the Keurig K-Cup Green Mountain Holiday Coffee Collection 48-Pack for $19.99. Coupon code “SMS9717” cuts it to $15.99. With 99 cents for shipping, that’s $0.35 per K-Cup, $3 below our mention from two weeks ago, and the lowest total price we could find for this set by at least $4. It’s also among the lowest per-unit prices we’ve seen for K-Cups. (Most merchants charge $43 or more for this collection.) Sales tax is added where applicable. It includes an assortment of spicy eggnog, french toast, and gingerbread flavors. These K-Cups fit all Keurig brewers. Coupon ends April 7.

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  • SLR Camera Bag -Lowepro SlingShot 200 AW $50 Free Ship (0)

    This is a great camera bag and a pretty good deal. $50 w/free shipping. I bought one a few years ago for my Canon T1i SLR. It holds a couple lenses, extra cards, etc. I even have my Canon 450 Elf in one pocket. It has one strap that goes across your chest – head, one arm and shoulder slips through strap (sling). It has a side opening, so if you are walking and see something you want to photo, you slide the pack to your front, open the side, take your camera out, take the shot, then put camera back in, zip up, and slide it back to your back. Initially I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much on a camera bag, but am glad I did. If I’m going somewhere, I can just grab the bag and everything, including flash is there. And it is comfortable to carry on back.

    Adorama has it on sale right now for $50 with FREE shipping. Reg. $90. Click here to go to their site. I’ve shopped at Adorama – it is a legit site to buy from. I found this deal on

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  • $10 Amazon Gift Card for $5! Today only! (0)

    If you buy products from Amazon, hard to beat this free money deal. Basically, you will get $5 off your next purchase. Deal expires end of today. Click on link below to go to Amazon for details. (found deal on

    ACI Gift Cards, Inc.
    Sold by ACI Gift Cards, Inc.
                The Details

    What could be better than doubling your money? The answer: not very much. Take advantage of today’s exclusive offer and watch $5 turn into a $10 gift card on, the world’s largest online retailer.

    Whether you’re in the market for a Kindle eBook, an Amazon MP3, movies, electronics or new clothing, your $10 Gift Card could go a long way.  Use it toward millions of items, including a brand new Kindle Fire, your Cloud Drive, sporting goods, toys, appliances and more. An offer this great won’t last forever, so pick one up and stay tuned for what’s to come on AmazonLocal, your source for unbeatable deals.

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  • Deal – 24hr Fitness Breakfast Bars (12) $6.99 (0)

    Here’s a deal for meal replacement nutrition bars. Below taken from  These sell out fast. Click links below to go to deal.

    24 Hour Fitness: Apex Brownies / Breakfast Bars 12ct Box

    • Hotness:hotness: 4/5
    • Posted
    • Editors' Choice

    24 Hour Fitness discounts a selection of Apex Brownies and Breakfast Bar 12-Count Boxes to $11.88. Apply coupon code “BARSALE24” to drop them to $6.99. With free shipping, each is at the lowest total price we could find by at least $23. The deals, with price after coupon:

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  • FREE CD/DVD Burning Software (reg. $50) Today Only (0)

    Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 FREE

    Get this this full disc mastering tool, worth $49.95, today only! at Download Crew – TODAY ONLY – Click Here
    Quickly burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs with this fast, powerful yet easy-to-use mastering tool.

    We’re giving you the full version of Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012, worth $49.95.

    NOTE: I’ve used this software – it is easy to use. Can’t beat FREE – if you need something to burn discs. — Bob

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  • Lady Antebellum’s “Own the Night” album 25¢ (0)

    Lady Antebellum Google Play offers downloads of Lady Antebellum’s Own The Night MP3 Album for 25 cents. That’s $3 under last week’s mention and the best price we could find for this 12-track, DRM-free country album, released in September 2011. (iTunes charges $10.99, Amazon MP3 Store charges $8.99.) Sales tax is added where applicable. (source:

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  • Redbox Deal – today only (0)

    Today only, redbox offers a free 1-night DVD rental via coupon code “THANKS2U”.

    Can’t beat free!

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