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One for the Money – Movie Review

Rated: 6/10 OK movie but not great. Katherine Heigl did a good job as Stephanie Plum, the out of work main character that becomes a bounty hunter to make ends meet. I read the book, the movie followed the book pretty well. Just didn’t have enough umph to the movie. It was OK. Shallow at times, contrived at others, but after all, it was a light hearted, drama… not quite a comedy. Didn’t move fast enough for me at times – found my mind wondering away from movie. Worth a rental but not the big bucks to see it on the big screen. It was a small step up from some of today’s TV light hearted dramas (Rozzili & Iles, Bones, etc.). My wife felt much as I did. Gave it a 6. She didn’t feel like she wasted her time watching it – as she sometimes does when I

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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Movie Review

Rating: 7/10 Good movie but… can be a little confusing initially. I read the book so knew the characters, names, and what was happening. My wife did not read the book and got a little lost at the beginning. As usual, the book was better than the movie. The acting was very good. Because it takes place in Sweden, names and places are less familiar so at times hard to understand or remember. It is a good mystery – who done it – movie. It was too long – 2.5 hrs. Even at this length, a lot of details got left out so the build up was not as dramatic as in the book. Good rental if you like complicated mysteries. Good acting. I’m looking forward to book 2 & 3 being made into movies and following Lisbeth (girl with dragon tattoo) into The Girl That Kicked the Hornest’s Nest

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Birth Control, Limbaugh, & the Government

The ultra conservatives reached a new low when Rush Limbaugh called Sarah Fluke a slut having too much sex when she testified that she uses contraceptives at the congressional hearing. At the same time, when did birth control become a government issue? Insurance companies can discuss whether they want to cover contraceptives or not and how much they want to pay… but the Federal Government?? Why would the Obama administration feel compelled to get involved with this issue and mandate that insurance companies have to cover contraceptives? I’m all for contraceptives. Heck, I’m all for insurance companies helping cover the cost. I think pharmaceutical companies should lower the cost. But talk about government getting involved in our personal life… bad decision all the way around. Leave it to our elected officials to make a mountain out of a molehill. What’s up with a 5 “man” panel to discuss female contraception?

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Fuel Prices & Politics

Do you believe the President can control fuel costs? Do conservative Republicans really want the Government to interfere with Free Market economics? “Drill Baby, Drill” will not fix our immediate problems and probably not our future problems. The Keystone Pipeline that everyone touts as a job builder (and environment killer) is to transport oil from Canada to the Gulf for exportation overseas. The US exported more fuel than it imported in 2011 (Dept. of Energy). So where is the problem? We don’t buy oil from Iran, so that isn’t the problem. Could it be there is no immediate problem? That oil prices are artificially inflated by oil speculators. The same speculators that helped cause the 2008 collapse? No significant regulations have been put in place to stop the exact thing that wreaked havoc in the market 3 years ago. But bottom line, the President cannot control fuel prices. And if

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Fed up with politics

Politics have consumed the media and our lives for over a year now. All leading up to Nov. 2012 election. Party politics have been going on for years, but never worse than the last few. Every decision our elected officials make is based on getting re-elected. And, because party lines have beed drawn so deeply in the sand, voting on bills is no longer about whether it is good for the country, but whether it is good for the party. Forget about compromise … on both sides. Both parties are just as bad. Politics is no longer about running our country and keeping it the best country in the world. Politics is about money, power, and staying in power. I’m fed up with it and you should be too.

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