Our leaders are ready to postpone budget cuts and taxes another 6 months. Instead of dealing with real issues, Congress – both houses and both parties – continue to kick the can. They are incapable of passing meaningful legislation or a meaningful budget. For over 8 months they knew a budget reduction bill needed to be passed. They were unable to pass anything last year or the beginning of this year, so they kicked the can a little further down the road. They said give us 1 more year. Now they want another 6 months. Instead of doing their jobs and tackling issues that are important such as a balanced budget and meaningful government cuts and reductions, they do nothing. Instead they waste their time on unproductive  items like holding the Attorney General in contempt of Congress and wasting time and money on something that will produce no benefit to us, the public. I don’t know if AG Holder was in contempt or not, if you are going to kick a can, kick that one. Spend your time on something important for once.

It is bad enough that nothing but bickering gets done during an election year. Election years happen every 2 years, which means our overpaid Congressmen and women and Senators get paid 4 years to work 2 years, and even then get nothing meaningful done. Not to mention all their vacation time – summers off, weeks off for Christmas and other holidays. Come on.

Get to work! You are getting paid to work, not campaign. We need a balanced budget. Work it out. Compromise. Do what you are paid to do. I am sick and tired of playing kick the can. Forget about whether you like the Affordable Healthcare Act or not…. it passed, it is law, let it go. And stop trying to scare us by telling us if we cut anything out of our bloated Defense budget that the bad guys are going to get us. Get real. Sit down and hammer out a long term plan. Know going in you will not get all you want – either side.

Our politicians spend more time politicking than doing the job they were hired for. As one of their employers, I say fire them all. No work, no pay. Can’t make a decision – you’re fired. Can’t compromise – you’re fired. Get off your high horse and start stepping in the manure you are leaving for the rest of us to step in. You are all full of yourselves and think you know best… I can tell you right now, all you know is how to BS your way through 4 years of doing nothing, collecting overblown paychecks along the way.

Kick the can… you’ve gotten good at playing that game. Being negative and condescending, you got that down. Pretending to work by shuffling paperwork, yep, good at that. Getting something done – you fail.

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