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The Nite Ize dog collar light clips onto your dog's collar. It is very bright, virtually indestructible, and has a long lasting bulb and battery. Easy to put on your dog's collar and easy to remove with the quality, heavy duty clip. Keep your dog safe at night with this quality light. Will not accidentally turn on or off due to bumping or scratching. You can set it to flash on and off or stay steadily on. I get comments at the parks from other dog owners all the time as to how bright this little light is. You can replace the battery by prying off the back using a small screw driver or other tool. Batteries last a long time. The LED light bulb will last even longer. This is a quality light for your dog's collar and is very inexpensive. Highly recommend.

Best Dog Collar Clip-On Light

Nite Ize Spotlit clip-on dog collar light is the best dog collar light you can buy. I have the white light. I wasn’t interested in colored lights. The white light is very bright and visible for at least a couple football fields or further. The Nite Ize dog collar light can be set to blink or not blink. I do not like blinking lights on my dog, so always set it to not blink. You can hold the on/off button on the back down for a few seconds to switch between blinking or not blinking.

So what is so special about this dog collar light?

I’ve tried several lights over the years, some good, some not so good. Then I found the Nite Ize Spotlit clip on dog collar light.

  1. It is VERY bright
  2. The clip is very strong – Secure stainless steel carabiner
  3. The on/off button cannot accidentally be turned on or off – it takes some pressure (which some complain about)
  4. The battery lasts a long time and fairly easy to replace
  5. It is lightweight – Weight: .6 ounces
  6. Virtually indestructible
  7. Flash mode for safety and signaling
  8. Water resistant

Nite Ize Light

Will not accidentally turn on or off

Other lights I tried usually had an on/off switch… a little lever or slide that you slid to on or off. Trouble with this type of switch is it can accidentally be switched on or off when your dog is running, playing with other dogs or scratching his neck. Some had a button you pushed. Same problem as with the slide switch, easily turned on or off accidentally.

The Nite Ize Spotlit clip on dog collar light is turned on and off by pushing in on the back side of the round light. It requires a fair amount of pressure. Some people feel it takes too much pressure, which if you have arthritis or other issues could be true. This may not be the light for you. I hold the light with the front resting on my first 3 fingers and push on the back with my thumb. It is not that difficult. But requires enough pressure that it is not going to get turned on or off accidentally.

Easy to put on dog’s collar

Other lights I tried usually came with cheap round coil type connectors – those wire rings that you have to get your fingernail under to spread one end as you put it on the collar ring, then rotate it until it is on the ring – like some keychains. Anyway, these are hard to get onto the collar, then once on, it is difficult to keep the light facing outward for best visibility. Even harder to remove.

The Nite Ize Spotlit clip is sturdy and easy to clip on your dog’s collar. You push the one piece in, slide over collar ring, and it is on. It is not a flimsy clip either… it will not break off or easily come unclipped. Plus the light stays pointed away from the dog for best possible illumination and visibility.

Quiet & Indestructible

This light is very light weight, and doesn’t clink or make noise while on the collar. I’ve tried some that drove me crazy with the clinking sound they made when my dog walked around. Some of the others are made out of plastic and will eventually crack or break. The Nite Ize light for dog collars is made out of a hard rubber type material.

I have a special collar I use for night walking. It is a led lighted color. I have the Nite Ize clipped on it. I put this collar on when going out in the evening… I just slip it over his head, leaving his regular collar on. I highly recommend this system… and the lighted collar which I will review separately.

Be safe, always use a light on your dog in the evening hours and when it is dark. Not only does it make it easier for you to see your dog if he is off leash, it is for his/her safety so others can see him/her whether crossing the street or in the field.

The cost of this light is very reasonable at around $6 (check current price) with free Prime Shipping from Amazon (get free Amazon Prime Trial here). You will not be disappointed with this light. I highly recommend it. Below is a quick video showing the collar and light on my black doberman.





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