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Is Amazon Prime worth it? Get a Free 30 Day Trial and give it a test run. I enjoy the freedom to shop without worrying about shipping costs. All family members are eligible under the one plan so everyone gets Free Shipping. Other perks include thousands of online movies to watch for free and thousands of Kindle Books you can "borrow" from the Kindle library for free. For $79, I think it is a good deal if you shop online. Once you are an Amazon Prime member you will find yourself shopping more and more online at Amazon and saving money on products and Free Shipping. Shipping is usually 2-day priority shipping if Amazon is doing the shipping. Give the 30 Day trial a go and see if it is something that will benefit you. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Read my full review.

Is Amazon Prime worth the price? Here is my review of Amazon Prime.

Get FREE shipping at Amazon for 30 days. Also access to thousands of Free movies and many Free Kindle books. Sign up for 30 day FREE trial of Amazon Prime using the link below:

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My Review of Amazon Prime Free Shipping

OK… the nitty gritty. Is Amazon Prime worth the $79 after the 30 day free trial?

I can only answer for me. It took me a couple years before shelling out the $79 – now, for me in CA it is $85 with tax (CA taxes everything!). I took a look at how often I ordered from Amazon, how much was I paying for shipping, was it $80 a year? Answer was no… that is why I kept putting it off.

Free Movies & TV Shows for Amazon Prime Members

There are thousands of free movies and TV shows available to Amazon Prime members. The other day I went to Amazon to check out the movies and shows available for free for prime members and was impressed with the selection. You won’t find new releases, but there are enough older selections to keep you busy for a long time. I selected a movie to see how well it streamed to my computer. I have a fast connection so your mileage may vary… I streamed an HD movie with no hiccups, no spinning wheels while waiting for movie to catch up. I watched it full screen and was very impressed with quality and delivery.

Free Books for Amazon Prime Members

I have downloaded a couple Kindle books from the free library – there are tons of books that you can “borrow,” read, then download another… free for Prime members. I am sure you can find something. With Amazon Prime costing less than $9/month, just one book or a couple movies a month makes it worthwhile… not to mention Amazon Free Shipping!

Back to FREE Shipping. A couple years ago I bit the bullet and signed up. It changed the way I shopped. I don’t know if I save $85 in shipping a year, but it makes online shopping a heck of a lot easier. I HATE to pay shipping. I hate it more when I go to a site that advertised a low price on a product just to find out shipping was way inflated.

Amazon Prime Shipping isn’t always “free” shipping. It is, but the price of the product is often a few dollars higher than stores where you pay shipping. But still… the price is usually pretty darn good. When I search for a product, I click on the Prime filter on the left sidebar – to just show Free Prime Shipping products. Since getting Amazon Prime, I do most of my shopping online at Amazon. So, I should probably figure in my gas savings, too.

Best part…

The great deal is when you sign up for Amazon Prime, everyone in your family is eligible under your Prime account. It’s just my wife and me… so I added her to my Amazon Prime account. She gets free shipping same as me… at no extra cost. Her purchases ship free. She can get deals on Kindle books. At Christmas that really pays off! She does most of the shopping. Now she does it online through Amazon. Plus, your kids can watch their free movies in their room, you can watch your free movie in your room all at the same time.

2 Day Priority Shipping

Another perk of Amazon Prime Shipping is how fast most things arrive. I’ve ordered on Monday and gotten stuff on Tuesday. Most of the time when the item is shipped from Amazon (it tells you on their site under the product description who the seller is and who is shipping), I get my stuff within 2-3 days.


If you are reading this you probably have shopped at Amazon. I’ve only had to return a few things over the years. Amazon makes it very simple. They will send you a return label – first you go online and in your member area (links on top right) find Returns and fill out the form. The times I returned things – a DVD player, clothes, headphones, it was free return – no questions asked.

Should you get the FREE 30 Day Amazon Prime Trial?

Yes! Why not. Nothing to lose. If you sign up using my links I make a couple dollars from Amazon as an Amazon affiliate. But… I am not recommending you sign up for the trial so I can make a couple bucks — well maybe I am — but I honestly feel it is something to try out – for free. Whether you sign up after the 30 days is up to you. For me, I have enjoyed the perks of being an Amazon Prime member. It makes shopping online a no brainer for me and my wife. Between the two of us we may save the $85 (incl. tax) in shipping, if not we come close, and the freedom of not paying shipping on every order is worth every penny.

If I want to buy my dog a new leash… I go to Amazon, find a leash I like, and buy it. Free Shipping. If I need some CR32 little round batteries, I go online, buy a card of 10 for a couple dollars – free shipping. I recently purchased some bluetooth wireless headphones to use at my computer – $25 – free shipping.

Here is the link again for Amazon Prime Free 30 Day Trial to get Free Shipping, Free Movies to watch, Free Kindle books to borrow:

Click HERE for your free trial.


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