Bought this drive at Costco for $119.99 (after instant $20 rebate). If you have USB 3.0 ports on your computer and need storage space, this drive rocks! Way faster than USB 2.0 drives – up to 10x faster. Great drive for backups, storing movies, and other data. I’m using it for storing my graphic files. Over the years I have accumulated close to 2TBs of stock photos, and other graphics. Now I can store them all in one place so when looking for that perfect image for a design project, I don’t have to jump around multiple drives or insert DVDs.

Did I say it was fast? It is FAST! This is my first USB 3 external drive. I have 5 USB 2 external drives (for back up storage mainly). I am really impressed with the speed. Did a speed check – downloaded a free speed check program. Avg. read speed was 108 MB/sec. … my USB 2 drive had avg. read speed of 31 MB/sec. – BIG difference! Moving large graphic files from drive to Photoshop is instantaneous.

The¬†Seagate GoAgent Flex 3TB USB 3.0 external hard drive runs very quiet, stays cool, and turns off and on with the computer. I have a couple older drives that don’t turn off when I turn the computer off. They go to sleep, but not off. I’ve only had this a few days… but I highly recommend this drive if you need more storage space. and other places also sell this drive but Costco has the best price. Normally on computer stuff, Costco has good prices but not the best prices. This happens to be a really good price with the instant discount at checkout.

If you do not have USB 3.0 ports (older computer) you can purchase a plugin card for about $30 that will give you 2-4 external ports.

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