Rating: 6+/10

Was going to skip this movie because I’ve seen a lot of Marilyn Monroe bio movies over the years. But wanted to see Michelle Williams portrayal and see if it was Oscar nomination worthy – which I think it was. She did a great job in that role. The movie itself was different than I expected. It was not her life story stuffed into 1.5 hrs, but a snapshot of a behind the scenes look at her making a movie in England with Sir Laurence Olivier. I found the movie a little slow moving and depressing. If it hadn’t been for Michelle Williams performance, probably would’ve given movie a 5. Enjoyed seeing Emma Watson (Hermione in Harry Potter series) play an adult supporting character.

If you have an interest in Marilyn Monroe, see this movie. If not, it may not be your cup of tea. I found it interesting and an OK rental.

My wife was tired and fell asleep during parts of it. Her comment was – “depressing”. If she was not as tired and watched all of it, she may have enjoyed it more.

What do you think? Good movie? or Mediocre movie with good acting?

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