Rated: 6/10

OK movie but not great. Katherine Heigl did a good job as Stephanie Plum, the out of work main character that becomes a bounty hunter to make ends meet. I read the book, the movie followed the book pretty well. Just didn’t have enough umph to the movie. It was OK. Shallow at times, contrived at others, but after all, it was a light hearted, drama… not quite a comedy. Didn’t move fast enough for me at times – found my mind wondering away from movie. Worth a rental but not the big bucks to see it on the big screen. It was a small step up from some of today’s TV light hearted dramas (Rozzili & Iles, Bones, etc.).

My wife felt much as I did. Gave it a 6. She didn’t feel like she wasted her time watching it – as she sometimes does when I want to watch a slow moving Indie movie. But said it definitely was not in the big leagues.

If you saw the movie, your input would be appreciated.

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  1. Saw it up north with Connie and really enjoyed it; good “chick” movie. Maybe not academy award type but fun and enjoyable

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