Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, accused Mitt Romney of paying no taxes for 10 years. This move is very similar to Obama’s election in 2008 where Republicans accused Obama of not being born in the USA. Obama’s birth certificate was fodder for all kinds of conspiracy theories and accusations that exist even today… even though his birth certificate was finally released. Conspiracy theories claim it was doctored.

Back to Romney… he can put an end to speculation that he paid no taxes by producing the last 10 years of tax returns. But even if he does so, will conspiracy theories continue claiming they were doctored? Except in this case, the IRS can confirm or deny his released returns accuracy. The tax return Romney did release shows that much of his income was sheltered in foreign countries such as the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

Could this be the fall of Romney in the eyes of the middle and lower class voters? If Harry Reid is correct and Romney paid no taxes for 10 years his credibility among tax paying middle class may go down the tubes.

I have been so disgusted and sick of getting email from “friends and relatives” denouncing Obama every time he steps out the door or makes a decision. I get it that some do not care for our current President, but enough is enough. He is not a Muslim, Socialist, born outside the United States bent on destroying America. The amount of untrue emails floating around out there is staggering. The sad part is, many half way intelligent people believe them without bothering to fact check.

If Romney happens to win the election, will we see the same onslaught of emails demonizing Romney? Will the same type of untrue emails flood our in boxes? Does Romney have a hidden agenda to destroy the middle class and do away with social programs that benefit the less fortunate and mentally ill? Will Social Security and Medicare become a thing of the past? Will we see the homeless population double under his leadership? Will endangered species become extinct species under Romney?

Come election time we have a big decision to make…. or do we? Or will it come down to who is able to spend the most money brainwashing us peons with negative ads? Our political system has come down to who can raise and spend the most money. Buy a seat in congress. Reward the donors with favorable legislation. Open the pristine National Parks to oil and gas drilling. On the other hand, will Obama continue to push social programs that we can’t afford? ….spending money we don’t have now, counting on the rich to cover the tab?

What’s happened to America? America the beautiful? Home of the free? Land of the brave? Are we becoming the Home of the Poor, Land of the Rich? Read my post on the game of Monopoly (The Demise of Capitalism) and ask yourself, “Who’s winning the game?”

So… did Romney pay taxes the last 10 years? If so, how much? The game of politics continue. The game of Monopoly.

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