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  • SOG Flash 1 Knife
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  • Last modified: April 24, 2015

Review Summary:

The SOG Flash 1 knife is a small 2.5" pocket knife and possibly the best knife in that size range. The SOG Flash 1 has been around for several years but still is one of the most popular small pocket knives on the market. Quality made, very sharp AUS8 stainless steel blade, this little knife is very sharp, holds an edge and easy to sharpen. Auto assist blade opening snaps the blade open for easy one-hand use. Sits low in your pocket with the bayonet pocket clip. Very light weight 1.3 oz.. This is my favorite EDC (everyday carry) knife along with the Kershaw Skyline Knife. Read my full review on both these knives.

The SOG Flash 1 knife is one of my favorite knives. My other favorite is my Kershaw Skyline Knife (read review here). The SOG Flash 1 is smaller than the Kershaw Skyline so is easier to carry in more situations. It is my main EDC knife (everyday carry). The clip sits slightly higher than the knife so when you clip it to your pocket (I normally carry in my front right pants pocket) the SOG knife sits below the pocket line. This makes the Flash 1 virtually invisible. So whether wearing dress slacks, jeans, or shorts no one can tell you are carrying a knife. Very discreet and won’t freak anyone out. Here is my SOG Flash 1 review:

OK… about the knife. SOG has a pretty good reputation for quality. The Flash 1 is a quality little knife. Here are specs:

  • Fast one-hand opening SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) with built in blade safety lock
  • 2.5-inch satin finished straight edge AUS8 stainless steel blade
  • Rugged and lightweight black Zytel handle
  • Low carry reversible bayonet pocket clip
  • Overall length: 5.75-inches, Weight: 1.3-ounces

SOG Flash 1 Knife
The assist open is a nice feature. When you put your thumb under the stud to open the knife, once you apply a little pressure to push blade up, the assist technology takes over and flips the bade open. It took me a little practice to get the hang of it. The SOG Flash 1 is small – only 2.5″ long unopened. So holding knife in hand, positioning the thumb and applying pressure is not as easy as it sounds. Larger knives, like the Kershaw Skyline, fit the hand better and are easier to open. But once you practice a few times you will open it like a pro every time. My wife rolls her eyes at me when I pull out the knife and start flicking it open. Practice makes perfect I tell her. 🙂  (she doesn’t get my whole obsession with knives anyway).

Once open, the blade locks nicely into position. Very firm, no play. I never worry about it accidentally closing on my fingers. The knife fits nicely in my hand and the finger grip area is just right. It has no jimping on the top of the blade to prevent slippage. But the Flash 1 is small enough it is not needed. I can put my thumb on top of the blade, just above the studs and have a nice grip to apply downward pressure if cutting or opening something.

Here is a short video review I did so you can see what I am talking about:

The blade is AUS8 Stainless steel. Nice quality, holds an edge, and sharpens up very nice. It comes very sharp out of the box. I was testing my new Spyderco Rod sharpening kit I just bought so sharpened my SOG Flash 1 as a test. Although the SOG passed the paper cutting test with flying colors, it wasn’t as good shaving my arm hairs. After a few (20) strokes on the Spyderco rods it shaved the hair on my arm like a razor blade. I was very impressed – both with the knife and the Spyderco.

To close the blade, there is a slide lever on the side of the knife. Very easy to operate with one hand, slide the lever with your thumb and use index finger to fold the blade. The one flaw or con I have with this knife is the lock slide. It is loose and rattles a little. When blade is closed, the lever will slide freely back and forth. Not a big deal, but makes an almost perfect knife seem a little less perfect.

Another thing on the SOG is the blade lock. Totally unnecessary. It is a little lever that you can slide down and it prevents the blade from opening. Supposed to be a safety mechanism to keep blade from opening in your pocket due to the open assist function. I have a feeling they added it so the knife would pass all State regulations regarding assist-opening knives. I’ve never used it and never will.

The SOG FSA7  Flash 1 is very lightweight weighing in at only 1.3 oz.. I have some great knives in my drawer, but seldom use them because they are too heavy. At the time I bought them I thought 2.5 oz or 3.5 oz is nothing… that is light weight. Then I got this Flash 1. You don’t even know you are carrying it. Believe me, light weight is good for EDC knives!

If you are looking for the perfect EDC knife. One that you could carry at an office job, or to a formal event, the SOG Flash 1 should top your list. It is a little more expensive than others this size, but you will not be disappointed. You are paying for quality. Even if you just use it to open packages, or cut up some cardboard… it is worth the price. [check current price here]

I have the straight edge version. It also comes in half straight, half serrated version. On a knife this size, I like the straight.

Here is Amazon link to see other reviews and check current pricing. Also a link to Flash 1’s bigger brother the SOG Flash II. Amazon usually has the best prices on knives – better than Walmart and other discount stores. (links below may not appear in if you have Ad Blocker on)



  1. Thanks, Bill. I haven’t tried the Flash II yet. May be my next purchase. Aside from the rattling of the Flash 1 blade lock release, this is a top quality little knife. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Nice review Bob. I have to agree the Flash I is a little small but with regular use becomes easy to function. The Flash II is easier and a nicer fit in the hand. Gotta love SOG knives, both the Flash I and Flash II are quality pocket knives.

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