My big pet peeve is receiving blatantly untrue emails from supposedly intelligent people, most of which depict Obama as evil. I don’t mind differing opinions from my own, but I don’t like the propaganda of emails spreading lies as if they were true. We all have received our share of emails depicting Obama as a Muslim without a US birth certificate, intent on destroying America. One I received today was titled “HR4646 (Bad News)” about Obama wanting to charge a 1% tax on all deposits made to banks, and that is why they now only have direct deposit of SS checks. Most of these type emails take a little truth and spin it into a fabricated lie.

Another received last week is a video link entitled “This will knock your socks off!” and the video talks about the healthcare bill (ObamaCare) with blatant lies about the bill presented as absolute fact. When will this stop and intelligent conversation begin?

I don’t know how to get through to these senders to at least do a quick fact check before forwarding these ridiculous emails. I told them it is a reflection of their intelligence sending out such propaganda. Didn’t help. I called them bigots and racists. Didn’t help. I told them the KKK originated most of these racist based emails. Didn’t stop them from coming.

So all I can conclude when I receive a blatant lying email that has not been fact checked via a quick Google search, that the sender is an ignorant, racist, and KKK sympathizer. So please take me off your political mailing list.

How do you feel about these nonfactual emails? Do you just delete? Do you do your own fact check? Do you find them informational? Do you send them?

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