JP Morgan $2 Billion Loss – $23 Million Pay Day

Goes to show you, some things never change. When the “too big to fail” institutions decide to gamble with stockholder and consumer money in hopes of hitting it big, they can end up losing it all. JP Morgan’s insurance bets just lost that company $2 billion. JP Morgan’s CEO just received a $23 million paycheck voted by shareholders. And the 99%’ers are left scratching their heads saying, “what’s wrong with this picture?”. I’m not against huge pay for those at the top… but my definition of “huge” is obviously different from that of the 1%’ers. Based on a 60hr work week, 52 weeks/yr… that is just over $7,000/hr… or $120 per minute. I know those that support these massive pay scales say it is not an hourly rate as much as a performance pay — if they are making the company money, they should be compensated. Just like an actor

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