AcuRite 8″ Outdoor/Indoor Thermometer $8.95 Free Shipping

Need an outdoor thermometer? This may be a deal for you. Meritline has the AcuRite 8″ round thermometer for $8.98 (after coupon code MLC424UN ) and free shipping. Best deal I could find. I just bought one – the one we have has weird numbering so it is hard to guess what the temp really is. A digital thermometer would be nice, but hey, for $9 I splurged for this one. I’ve shopped at Meritline many times before. They often have really good deals… especially on small gadgets. Much of their stuff is shipped from China, so if you are anti-buying anything from China, may want to pass on Meritline. I don’t know how they ship some things so cheap. I bought some hard drive SATA cables – 3 pack 18″ – for $1.89 free shipping… cables work fine… but how did they ship all the way from China to my

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