Breville 650XL Toaster Oven Review

The Breville 650XL Toaster Oven is one heck of a toaster oven! For years we were content with regular “toaster ovens” – you know, the kind you get at Walmart or Target in the $20 – $50 range. They work fine for most things. But the Breville Toaster Oven is more like a little oven. Oh yeah, it makes perfect toast. I thought toast was toast. Bread that was grilled on top and bottom. Breville toast does that but it is done perfectly. The sensors in the 4 element heating rods adjusts the heat and time based on your input – how many pieces of bread and how dark do you like your toast. Same with bagels using the bagel setting. This smart oven has advanced technology that adjusts the heating elements for optimum results every time. At first, after I decided to splurge on this toaster, I was concerned

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