eFaucets.com bad experience – Review

I have to Rant about eFaucets.com for just a minute. I wanted a shower arm extender for my shower. My old one was leaking and in poor shape. I went to local hardware stores (Home Depot, ACE, Lowes) and could only find a 9″ extender… I wanted a longer one. I searched online and found one on eFaucets.com. See screenshot below taken 2/2/14. Notice the description says Delta Faucet Delta 12″ Adjustable Shower Arm. Just what I wanted. It also says “10 In-Stock”. I ordered it. It took nearly 3 weeks to arrive. Another part I ordered arrived in about 7 days. Makes me wonder if it was really in stock. Finally, it arrived. To my disappointment, the arm was only a 9″ extension… same as I found at Home Depot and Ace Hardware. This is NOT what I wanted or what description said it was. I went back online to

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