Gone Girl (2014) Movie Review | Over Hyped

Gone Girl Movie Review – The Bad & the Good Rating: 7/10 Gone Girl is good mystery thriller but over hyped. It was too long (2:30). Started slow first 30 minutes but is still worth watching. Ben Affleck is a mediocre actor and did an OK job in Gone Girl…. but he didn’t quite bring that “X factor” to elevate this movie into something special. The plot was there, the supporting actors were there, but it just missed that edge. The pre-hype of Gone Girl and the critic’s hype of what a great movie Gone Girl was has me baffled. Granted, it was a good movie but in my opinion, definitely not Oscar material. Maybe I have higher expectations or maybe the movie industry (including critics) have lowered the bar on what constitutes a great Oscar worthy movie. 2014 was not a good year for movies, so maybe Gone Girl

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