Iron Lady – Movie Review

Rating: 7+/10 Worth watching if you are a Meryl Streep fan. Excellent acting and make-up. Streep earned the Oscar for Best Actress in this movie portraying England’s Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. I learned a lot of history of England and its politics watching this movie. Good story telling, but at times disjointed as it had a lot of flashbacks. I’m not a fan of telling a story through flashbacks… I’m more of a start at the beginning and work up to the end. Don’t start with the end and then go back to the beginning. The story was good but not overly compelling – that is why this movie doesn’t rate an 8. Streep and cast made this movie. The make-up artists made this movie. I recommend watching it. Not as good as The King’s Speech, but still a well done movie. My wife gave it an 8/10. She enjoyed

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