SOG Flash 1 Knife Review

The SOG Flash 1 knife is one of my favorite knives. My other favorite is my Kershaw Skyline Knife (read review here). The SOG Flash 1 is smaller than the Kershaw Skyline so is easier to carry in more situations. It is my main EDC knife (everyday carry). The clip sits slightly higher than the knife so when you clip it to your pocket (I normally carry in my front right pants pocket) the SOG knife sits below the pocket line. This makes the Flash 1 virtually invisible. So whether wearing dress slacks, jeans, or shorts no one can tell you are carrying a knife. Very discreet and won’t freak anyone out. Here is my SOG Flash 1 review: OK… about the knife. SOG has a pretty good reputation for quality. The Flash 1 is a quality little knife. Here are specs: Fast one-hand opening SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) with built

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