Pocket Hose Review | Flex-Able Hose | UPDATED

The Pocket Hose or X-Hose¬† As Seen on TV, are flexi hoses that have gotten a lot of press – good and bad. So here is my Pocket Hose Review. UPDATED 6/13/15 – I guess my wife doesn’t read Bob’s Rants & Raves. While I was out of town 2 weeks ago, she bought the new & improved Pocket Hose Top Brass. It is the black one currently being advertised as being stronger and better. We’ll see how this one does. It was $29! I asked her why she bought it since we have had 6 fail on us so far? She said she really likes the pocket hose (when it works) because it is light weight and doesn’t kink, and it fits in a decorative clay pot by our front door. We will treat this one with kid gloves. No washing cars – unless we turn the water source

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