Ooma vs Vonage Review

I’ve had the Ooma Telo Phone Service since March 2013. Prior to switching to Ooma, I had Vonage internet phone service for about 5 years. I loved Vonage and had a regular line and a dedicated fax line for about $40/month. I work from home and use the phone and fax for business. The main complaint I had with Vonage was the fees kept increasing. I started at about $34/mo. for both phone and fax and slowly they kept increasing the fees – those little taxes and fees tacked to your bill. By March 2013 those fees grew to $17/mo. I hate companies that advertise low prices then tack on high fees. Or internet companies that advertise low prices to get you to their page only to find out when checking out that the shipping and handling fees are more than double anyone else. Cost of Ooma vs Vonage As

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