Young Adult – Movie Review

Rating 5/10 I expected more. I’ve seen worse. The premise of the movie was weak to begin with… Charlize Theron decides to go back to her hometown to get her ex-high school boyfriend back by breaking up his marriage. There were some underlying messages in this movie, but watching Theron self destruct to make a point made for a depressing movie. It tried to be a comedy in spots, a drama in spots, a tragedy in spots, and failed at all 3. I enjoyed watching Theron, but overall, the movie wasn’t very good. My wife commented when it ended, “That wasn’t a very good movie.” I think watching a women home-wrecker trying to steal a husband was an immediate turnoff… and the fact that overall it was a depressing, pathetic movie caused my wife to rate it a 5-/10. Charlize Theron was only reason it didn’t score lower than a

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