Rating: 8/10

I wasn’t sure this movie would live up to all the hype and Oscar nods & wins… but it did. I like George Clooney, but most of the roles he plays aren’t as demanding as true Oscar worthiness. I was pleasantly surprised in The Descendants when I saw a little more range in his acting. The premise of the movie was also interesting – a husband, whose wife is in a coma, finds out she had been having an affair. All the actors pulled this movie together, I especially liked the older daughter. The younger daughter was also very good… and the boyfriend added some comic relief… all making this a believable story that drew you in and tugged at your emotions.

I highly recommend this movie. Not a 9 or 10 in my scale, which are reserved for movies like Titanic, Avatar and other big blockbusters. But a strong 8 or 8+.

My wife also liked the movie and gives it 8+ rating. If you haven’t seen it, rent it when it comes out on DVD. Then post your feedback here.

  1. Very impressive. We need a respite from being the world police. Let that part of the world correct Syria. Maybe it will implode itself.

    How about the movie Hugo? The French were ahead of the film game for a while. Much of the film was based on true story of the film maker who even colored/tinted his 1896 film. I’d give it an 8+ on your scale.
    “Arkansas Living” (www.ecark.org)has a beautiful picture of the limestone cliffs and green Buffalo River on the current cover for its feature story: “The Buffalo Fows Free”. Anyone going to there this Spring/Summer? I wanna go. The river is not that far south from Branson, into where one could fly.

    • HUGO – I’d rate as 8. Good movie, excellent cinematography and special effects. I thought the lead character, the boy, could have been a little stronger actor to bring it up to 8+. The girl was very good. Ben Kingsley was also good. Story line was different which also helped set this movie apart from the crowd. A good big screen movie and a worthwhile rental. My wife rated it 7+, said she was expecting a little more.
      Thanks for your post, Mark.

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