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The Twist & Shout Mop spins the water from the mop head with ease. No pedals to step on to spin the basket, just push down on the handle and the mop head will spin in the spinner basket, wringing out the water. My wife LOVES this mop and highly recommends it. She says it is very easy to work, has no problem spinning water out, and has no problem filling the mop bucket and carrying it into the room to be mopped (and she is a small woman). It is a little pricey for a mop. The mop bucket is made of heavy duty plastic. Overall, the quality seems good, like it will last for quite a while. If you have looked at the Hurricane Spin Mop, check out Twist & Shout Mop - the #1 rated and best seller on Amazon. I (my wife) recommend this product.

Twist and Shout Mop – The Best Spin Mop

UPDATE 6/13/2015 – Quick update – my wife still loves the Twist and Shout Mop. Since my original review, there have been a few improvements to Twist and Shout Mop.

  • NEW & IMPROVED 2015 model features: anti-splash guard, 2X stronger and 6″ longer handle (54″ vs 48″; no longer needs separate extension). Best Quality Spin Mop backed by Best Warranty of 2-Years. 30-day free returns if defective.


I recently purchased the Twist and Shout Mop  for my wife. The Twist and Shout Mop is the best spin mop. I researched and read tons of reviews on Amazon and other sites on Twist and Shout Mop, Hurricane Mop, Spin & Go Pro mop, and several other spin mop reviews. Most all do the same thing, offer a unique way to wring the water from the mop.

Basically, it is like a salad spinner. The mop bucket has a section with a spinner basket with holes in it. You put the wet mop in the basket and it will spin the mop head and the water goes back into the mop bucket. No more press squeezing the mop head requiring strength and a lot of pressure.

Twist & Shout Mop

The way the basket spins is what separates some of the brands. The highly advertised (as seen on TV) Hurricane Mop uses a foot pedal. The mop head will spin while the handle stays straight. The mop head is made from microfiber and expels the water easily. The Spin & Go Mop and Twist and Shout mop seem to be nearly identical. They differ from the Hurricane mop in that there is no pedal to push with your foot, and which many claimed broke after some use. Instead, the mop handle has a mechanism in the handle that will spin the mop head as you push down on the handle.

There is a lever on the handle that you flip down to release the mop head so it will spin. Flip back up to lock the head while mopping. Put the mop into the spinner basket and with very little effort, push down on the 2-piece handle and the mop head will spin the basket, expelling the water. You can adjust how wet to leave the mop by how long you keep it in the spinner.

Why did I choose Twist and Shout Mop over competition?

Like I said, it was a tough decision. After all, spending close to $50 for a mop and plastic bucket seemed like a lot of money to me. Bottom line was all the great reviews on Amazon swayed me towards the Twist & Shout Mop. Some of the others may work just as well, I can only attest to the Twist & Shout Mop. It is the #1 top selling mop on Amazon.

twist & shout mop reviews

It had almost double the reviews of the other mops. Hurricane Mop had the worst reviews. Here are a 3 reviews of the Twist & Shout Mop from Amazon:

Twist & Shout Reviews

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You can read more about it on Amazon here.

What is my verdict?

Actually, it is my wife’s verdict. She LOVES the Twist & Shout Mop! Everytime she uses it she tells me how much she loves it. Who would have thought that I would get brownie points for buying my wife a mop for her birthday! Best $50 I spent. LOL.

We have laminate flooring downstairs and Mexican pavers in the kitchen. My wife was using Swifter products to clean the floor and was happy with that product. She has the cordless Swifter that vacuums and at same time picks up with the Swifter pad attached… She also uses the Swifter sweeper – where you put a Swifter pad on bottom of the pole and run it over the floors. But now she usually will go to the Twist and Shout Mop. She feels it picks up more dirt, doesn’t leave streaks, and leaves floors looking cleaner.

My wife is 5′ 2″, has slight arthritis, and not much strength in her hands. My concern was if she would be able to push hard enough on mop handle to spin the mop, and if she would have enough strength to fill and lift the mop bucket. She has no problems with either. If she can do it ANYONE can do it!

Twist & Shout Mop comes with 2 microfiber mop heads (as do most of the other brands). When I bought it, there was a special that included the 8″ handle extender – which she doesn’t use. If I were to use the mop, at 6′ tall, I would probably screw in the extender. It normally is a $3 option, but shipping is $5 — so it was a good deal to be part of the deal. My total was about $51 with shipping.

    Twist & shout youtube image


For the guys… if you are trying to find a gift your wife will like – go for it. Get the Twist and Shout Mop. She will love it! Or if you do the mopping, you’ll love it!

For the gals… if you are thinking about a spinning mop but are on the fence… I say go for it! Yes, it is a little pricey for what it is, but in the long run, you will be glad you have it and will find yourself mopping more frequently because this mop makes it fast and painless. My wife does the whole kitchen (13′ x 17′) in just a few minutes. Same with the family room. If your husband does the mopping, he’ll love it! Makes a great gift…

As a gift… For Christmas, birthday, house warming, or Thinking of You gift, the Twist & Shout Mop makes a unique and useful gift. Face it, not everyone is going out and spending $50 on a mop… so what better gift than this. Something they will appreciate but may not buy for themselves.

We have a Doberman dog that sheds little black hairs. This mop does a great job picking these up, even in the seams between the laminate flooring.

The mop heads can be machine washed, but so far, just swishing around in the mop bucket and spinning dry keeps it pretty clean. We’ve only had it about a month now, and haven’t used the second mop head that comes with it.

Read more reviews here … check out current prices here.



  1. Basket not turning

  2. i am having a problem thw mop head will not stay on i am doing the right way i think what could be the problem

    • Beth, sorry I don’t think I can help. Maybe someone reading this will have a suggestion. My wife hasn’t changed the mop head yet. We just bought a new Twist & Shout because we lost the mop bucket. We found it later buried in the garage under Salvation Army donation stuff. Now we have two sets. 🙂

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