I want to give honest reviews of products and services I have used. If you are like me, you probably check out Amazon.com when shopping for a product to read user reviews. This site is a good starting point to read an “honest” review – not a “placed review” by someone hired to promote a product. After reading my review, feel free to comment with your own experience. Then go ahead and click on the product to go to the Amazon page to read more comments.

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Honest reviews on products & services I have bought and used. Before I purchase most products, I search for reviews from other people. Amazon is probably the best source for reviews. But rarely do I find good in-depth reviews. I understand mileage may vary based on user, and also understand that occasionally you may receive a defective product. My reviews are about how the product (or service) performed for me after using it for a while. Most of my reviews get 4-5 stars because I did the research prior to purchase.

I am an Amazon Affiliate and do receive a small commission if you purchase on Amazon from one of my links. However, I will always give honest reviews and not reviews to try and sell you something. I appreciate your feedback.

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