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  • EZ Dog Poop Bags
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  • Last modified: July 24, 2017

Review Summary:

Best poop bags I've ever used! Buy in bulk and save. These are strong - strong enough they have yet to break for me. They tear off VERY easy - easiest of any bag I've tried. They are black - no see through - unlike other colors I've tried. No more embarrassing moments walking through the park with see through poop bag! Large enough for large dogs. I have 105lb Doberman - big! No problem with the reverse grab technique with these bags. Read full review.

UPDATE 7/24/17: Nearly four years since posting this review and I still love these dog poop bags! I just purchased another case a few months ago for about $14. The price tends to fluctuate, so if you are not in a hurry, add it to your Amazon Wish List and keep checking for a lower price. One of the best features of these bags is the easy tear-off. I explain it more in the review, but by keeping your thumb on the roll as you unwind it, your thumb will catch in the tear opening and give the roll a little snap and the bag is torn off the roll. You do not have to search for the perforation. Sounds like a small thing, but over the years, I have tried other bags that are much harder to tear off or find the perforation. Plus… I will never use any other color but black again. I forgot my bags the other day and fortunately had an old spare in my car – one of the purple bags I used to use. After picking up my Doberman’s poop, I had to walk quite a distance to find a trash can. I was very self-conscious and somewhat embarrassed when I walked past people because the contents in the purple bag were visible and quite disgusting. Thought I would leave this quick update to confirm, these are still the Best Dog Poop Bags Ever!

I was so pleased with these EZ dog poop bags that I felt compelled to write a review. I have a 100lb Doberman and prior had a Golden Retriever. I’ve tried many different dog poop bags but have to say, these are the best. Minimum requirements: I want an inexpensive poop bag, and I want a bag that won’t break. Most of the doggie poop bags on Amazon fit these requirements – but the winner is EZ 1000 Patented Dog Pet Poop Bags, 50/20 Refill Rolls Bulk Waste Bag (black)…  Click image below for more reviews on these dog waste bags on Amazon.

These dog poop bags excel for a few reasons. One, they are very inexpensive bought in bulk. They are also extremely strong. I have yet to puncture one… and three, they tear off the best of any I’ve tried….

Easy Tear Off:

I just grab one end and start to unroll with the thumb of my other hand positioned in center of bag – when the perforation hits my thumb, there is an opening that catches my thumb and I just pull the bag off the roll – easy! Best dog poop bags I have ever used!

Easy tear-off may not seem like a big deal but for me it is. Many times at night, walking my dog, I needed to use a poop bag. With other bags, I pull out the roll of bags and start to unwind — It is dark, I can’t see or feel the perforation, so when I think I’ve pulled enough of the bag off the roll, I start pulling, hoping the bag will tear off. Or, I snap the bag in an effort to release the bag.

With EZ dog poop bags I don’t have that problem. I can unroll with my thumb in middle of roll and feel the end of the bag. There is a slight opening at the end of the bag that my thumb catches. A gentle pull and the bag tears off. I don’t even have to look at the roll!


The bags are plenty big. Like I said, my Doberman is big – 100lbs…. and his poops are big! I have no problem sticking my hand in the bag, grabbing his poop and reversing the bag with lots of room to spare. I personally do not tie the bags, I feel the poop will decay faster in the land fill. But if you tie your bags, there is plenty of room to do so.


I normally use the blue bags, and last go ’round used the purple bags. Not that it makes a lot of difference, but these black bags are great. They are not see through like the others. Walking in the park with a dog poop bag that you can see the contents of the bag is not cool… these black bags are thick enough that the contents are not visible at all. I also like the fact that there is no tube in the center of the roll. Someone else mentioned this and I thought “so what.” I carry the roll of bags in the 5th pocket of my jeans (the little watch pocket). Without the standard plastic tube, the roll flattens a little more and is easier to get in and out when it is a full roll. Plus, one less thing to add to the land fill.

What goes in must come out. I’ve tried quite a few premium dog foods over the years. Each dog is different as to what digests the best and tastes good. My Doberman used to be a chow hound as a pup and would inhale whatever was put in front of him. Now that he is 3, he has become more picky, plus his digestive system seems to be more sensitive. Nothing is worse than picking up mushy stools. I started another website bobsdogfoodreviews.com which I will start adding my reviews, your reviews, and other’s reviews on various dog foods. It is just in infancy stage now.

I was feeding Brody Merrick Lamb & Rice dog food but he still had loose stools. I switched to Replenish and his stools are now good (easy to pick up!) I will post on bobsdogfoodreviews.com  more on foods I’ve tried – what works what doesn’t. Love to hear your favorite food.

Bottom line:

These doggie poop bags are inexpensive, strong, large enough, easy tear-off, solid no see-through color. What more could you ask for. These will be my bags of choice from here on out. (they also arrived very quickly!)  Price tends to go up and down… check current price and if still free Prime shipping here.


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