Machine Gun Preacher – Movie Review

Rating 6/10 Good movie based on actual events. Gerard Butler plays the Preacher (ex-con devoted to a cause) and does a good job. Thought provoking movie about life, atrocities taking place in Sudan by Kony on children. How one man is making a difference. Movie was 2 hours and seemed a little long to me. Parts were very good, some parts dragged a little or were repeats of similar situations. Movie lacked the “it” factor to rate higher than a 6 in my book. Worth renting, good movie, educational yet at same time done in story format with excitement, action, tense situations… all makings of a good movie, but it misses the mark from being a “really” good movie. My wife liked it also. Forgot to ask her what she would rate it. We both got up during the movie and went into kitchen to get a snack – which indicates there

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