Copper Chef Pan Review – First Impressions

  UPDATE 9/11/2017: We still love this pan. It is my wife’s “go to” pan for many meals. She just commented yesterday that she loves the Copper Chef pan and the high sides because the high sides keep grease and other splatters to a minimum. Also, the pan is so easy to clean – just wipe out with a paper towel. She also uses soap and water – doesn’t like the idea of just wiping it out. Our pan still looks like new. No scratches except a few on the bottom from rubbing on the grates. The original price I paid was $75. Saw the 4 piece set for $60 today – the price may change by the time you read this. Here is the link to see the current 4 piece price. Upped rating from 4 to 5 stars due to the pan holding up and still performing so well.

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