Paranormal Activity 3 – Movie Review

Rating: 5-/10 Not very good. The first Paranormal Activity was good because it was new and fresh… and actually creepy/scary. By #3 you pretty much know what is going to happen… so you end up sitting through long stretches of “normal” activity waiting for the “paranormal” activity. Yes, I jumped a few times… yes, I had the lights turned off and watched it in a dark room so it was a little creepy… enough to earn it a 5-. If you liked the first one in the series, you won’t be blown away by this one, but may enjoy it a little. money online quick My wife rated it a 0/10. She did not care for it at all and said she felt she wasted 1.5 hrs of her life watching it. Not a ringing endorsement. I say skip this one. If you are like me and just wanted to

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