The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Movie Review

Rating: 7/10 Good movie but… can be a little confusing initially. I read the book so knew the characters, names, and what was happening. My wife did not read the book and got a little lost at the beginning. As usual, the book was better than the movie. The acting was very good. Because it takes place in Sweden, names and places are less familiar so at times hard to understand or remember. It is a good mystery – who done it – movie. It was too long – 2.5 hrs. Even at this length, a lot of details got left out so the build up was not as dramatic as in the book. Good rental if you like complicated mysteries. Good acting. I’m looking forward to book 2 & 3 being made into movies and following Lisbeth (girl with dragon tattoo) into The Girl That Kicked the Hornest’s Nest

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