I am so glad John McCain is not our president. At one point in the 2008 elections I even thought about voting for him. I see now, he and many other Republicans still have the caveman mentality…. swing the club, ask questions later. I feel terrible for the Syrians and what is going on there. Bashar al-Assad, Syrian’s dictator, has to go… no question. The killing has to stop. This is genocide. The world needs to unite against any country that uses this type of behaviour to quell dissidents. And that is the point… the World needs to unite against Syria. This can not be OUR war (again). If we go in as McCain wants, we can easily destroy the Syrian dynasty, but what then? That was Bush’s problem when he decided to do Shock & Awe in Iraq. Yes, we can swing our club… but then what?

As leaders of the Free World, I would hope our leaders have learned from past mistakes and understand we need a united coalition which includes other Arab nations to take action against Syria. We need to properly assess the aftermath of a regime change. Who will fill the void when al-Assad is toppled? We need to assess the rebuilding of a country. Who will pay for rebuilding? It is not as simple as swinging our club, beating our chests, and showing all how powerful we are. There is nothing wrong with assisting others in stopping al-Assad. But lets not use the caveman mentality that because we have the biggest club, that we have to do it all. The smart leader convinces others to do the dirty work.

I have yet to hear Santorum or Romney give a clear answer on how they would be handling Syria today. From what I have heard, they lean toward McCain’s approach of send in the planes and bombs… or was that Bush’s approach? I get confused.

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