Do you believe the President can control fuel costs? Do conservative Republicans really want the Government to interfere with Free Market economics? “Drill Baby, Drill” will not fix our immediate problems and probably not our future problems. The Keystone Pipeline that everyone touts as a job builder (and environment killer) is to transport oil from Canada to the Gulf for exportation overseas. The US exported more fuel than it imported in 2011 (Dept. of Energy). So where is the problem?

We don’t buy oil from Iran, so that isn’t the problem. Could it be there is no immediate problem? That oil prices are artificially inflated by oil speculators. The same speculators that helped cause the 2008 collapse? No significant regulations have been put in place to stop the exact thing that wreaked havoc in the market 3 years ago.

But bottom line, the President cannot control fuel prices. And if I understand the conservative right, they believe in a free market system without interference by the government. I’m getting mixed signals from the Republican candidates. No regulation. Stay clear of Free Market, but do something to lower gas prices today. Are we that naïve to think any of the Presidential candidates can single handedly bring gas prices down? Come on….

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