The Descendants – Movie Review

Rating: 8/10 I wasn’t sure this movie would live up to all the hype and Oscar nods & wins… but it did. I like George Clooney, but most of the roles he plays aren’t as demanding as true Oscar worthiness. I was pleasantly surprised in The Descendants when I saw a little more range in his acting. The premise of the movie was also interesting – a husband, whose wife is in a coma, finds out she had been having an affair. All the actors pulled this movie together, I especially liked the older daughter. The younger daughter was also very good… and the boyfriend added some comic relief… all making this a believable story that drew you in and tugged at your emotions. I highly recommend this movie. Not a 9 or 10 in my scale, which are reserved for movies like Titanic, Avatar and other big blockbusters. But a

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